April 15, 2019, also known as Tax Day here in the U.S. Personal income taxes for 2018 must be filed by that date. We at Shank & Company, CPA, are prepared to file your personal income taxes from now until April 15 of this year. We are scheduling appointments for personal income tax filing from now until April 15.

One of the most common questions we get from potential clients is this: “What do I need to bring to get my personal income taxes filed for 2018?”

To be prepared for your tax appointment with us, we have created a checklist of the most common documents you must bring for us to begin filing your taxes. This list is NOT exhaustive. The documents you may need to bring will depend on your financial situation. Every client’s situation is different, which is why the documents you will need will vary.

Our advice: when in doubt, bring every document possible, even if you think it is not needed.

Randy Shank is willing to look through every document to determine which ones he will need to complete your 2018 tax return.

Your Checklist:


1. Previous year’s tax return

At a minimum, you would bring your 2017 tax return. Randy Shank will look over you’re the tax return from the previous year to ensure he understands all details of you financial situation. It also allows him to determine if there are any errors on your previous year’s tax return. If he finds errors, he will ask you to bring tax returns from 2016, 2015, or even earlier, depending on the error(s) found.

You will also need to bring your state, local, and school district taxes as appropriate.

2. Driver’s license

Due to IRS regulation, Randy Shank will need to see the driver’s licenses for you and your spouse, as well as your children’s if they are of age to drive. Randy will verify your identities as the regulation’s aim is to protect you from instances of fraud.

3. 1099 forms or any other documentation of rental income, sale of stocks, etc

Randy will need you to bring all W-2 or 1099 forms for you, your spouse, and any of your dependent children who work. You will also need to bring documentation of the sale of property, stocks, rental income receipts for the year 2018. You may also need to bring other documentation once you speak with Randy prior to your appointment time.

4. Proof of healthcare

Each year you have taxes filed, you must provide proof, a 1095 form, that you had health insurance for the year.

5. W-2s from 2018

You must bring your W-2 from 2018 as well as W-2s of any dependents who worked in 2018 as well.

6. Birthdates

Please remember to bring the birthdates of everyone in your household, including children and spouses. Those will need to be entered for Randy Shank to complete your 2018 tax return.


If you have children, please remember to bring the following:

1. The birthdates of all your children

2. If your children are of age to drive, their driver’s license(s)

3. Social security numbers

4. If appropriate, daycare information if you use a facility for child care.


This list is just general documentation that Randy Shank asks you provide for every new tax client appointment. Depending on your financial situation, Randy Shank may ask you to bring additional documentation as per your conversation with him about your income tax needs.

Senior citizens and people with disabilities, whether potential or returning client: We offer door to door service in filing your personal income taxes. If steps or inclement weather hinder your ability to come out to our office for an appointment, we will personally come collect your documents for your tax return, complete your tax return, and then bring it back to you. If Randy needs any additional information or documents, we will come and pick those up from you as well. Randy will go over your return with you and we will bring it to you for you to sign.

We believe no client, returning or prospective, should fail to file their taxes because they cannot physically come out to our office.


We here at Shank & Company, CPA, hope that this list greatly assists you in gathering the right documentation to be prepared for your appointment with Randy Shank to file your 2018 taxes. We are holding appointments for tax filing for 2018 from now until April 15, 2019.

For a tax consultation and appointment, please contact Randy Shank, CPA, at sandccpa@gmail.com or call him at 513-442-1239 today!

***Note: We take several methods of payment for compiling and filing your tax return, but we do take credit cards.***

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