What will you need to file your personal taxes for 2021?


It’s the most common question we are asked leading up to the start of tax season each year. We created a checklist this year to aid you as you begin to gather up all your documents to have your personal taxes filed with us.

Here is what you might need. Please note that some of these may not be applicable to you: 


1. New Clients: Prior two years of tax returns

We ask for this to better understand your unique tax situation so that we can provide you with the most excellent service possible. If we spot an error in a prior year, we can also amend that return and any others.

2. All W-2s from your employer(s) for yourself and your spouse
3. 1099 forms received: 1099-G, 1099-INT, 1099-R, 1099-DIV, 1099-NEC, etc.
4. Any statements from Social Security
5. Any stock transactions paperwork
6. Paperwork from moving: closing papers (new and old house), purchase information (new house), moving dates, etc.

The purchase information on your new house is used to calculate a gain, if any. While this gain is typically not taxable, it must be reported to the IRS.

7. Divorce decree


We will also need the following personal information to file your taxes:


  • Birthdates and social security numbers for yourself, your spouse, and any dependent children claimed on your taxes
  • Daycare information if you send your children to a facility 
  • A picture of yours, your spouse’s, and your children’s (if they are of age to drive) drivers’ licenses, both front and back. Please note that IRS requires this to file taxes electronically to protect taxpayers from instances of fraud. 
  • Bank account and routing number if you would like your refund, or the tax owed, direct from your account


We also ask that if you own a business or rental property to provide us with all pertinent information regarding that.


How can you get us your tax information and documents?


You may give us your tax documents a myriad of different ways, whichever is convenient for you.


You may mail or drop off your tax documents at our office at:


Shank & Company, CPA

10716 Windingway Dr.

Harrison, OH 45030


For those dropping their taxes off to us, we have a white parcel box outside the office. The box is bolted to the cement, and when you place your documents inside and shut the door, they are safe behind lock and key until we retrieve them.


You are also free to email us all of your documents to our company email: sandccpa@gmail.com


You can also call us at 513-535-0100 to arrange for us to pick up your tax documents and bring back your finished return if you cannot mail, email, or drop off your documents to us. We provide this pick up and drop off service to all clients at no additional charge.




We hope that this list assists you in gathering up all your documentation to file your personal income taxes as we know it can be stressful to do so.

If you are unsure if we need a particular document, please provide it to us anyway, and we can decide if it is needed or not.

We are ready to serve you this tax season for all your personal income tax, and business tax, needs. Contact us before Tax Day, April 18, 2022, to have your taxes completed!


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