While we provide many payroll services at Shank and Company, CPA, we devised one more tool that has greatly improved the quality of our services: our own payroll program. Randy Shank, President of the Company, designed the program to be simple to use and to be used in a thousand ways for the benefit of current and potential business clients. (To find more information on how the program continues to benefit our company, please go here).

Our program highly benefits both employees and employers in a number of ways. Most importantly, it facilitates accountability and honesty between both parties as all will use the same basic program.


Benefits to Employees

1) Easily input your time in and time out in the same place and automatically see your earned wages, both before and after withholding income for taxes.

Our program can be configured to determine your overall hourly or salary pay. Once hours are inputted into the program, it will calculate your pay immediately. There is no questioning your pay. Our program provides that to you instantly, giving you peace of mind.

2) View your withheld income set aside for tax purposes.

In addition to determining your overall pay each pay period, you can instantly view your withheld income for each and every pay period throughout the year. Our program automatically calculates the percentages of your income that will be set aside for federal, state, local, school district, and unemployment taxes. 

3) A comprehensive record of all hours and wages worked for the year available at your fingertips.

This allows the employee to see what their paycheck will be as the period progresses, while the company stays on budget. There is no reason to go over budget. If you do, you can see where. Knowing the amount on your paycheck as an employee holds your company accountable. This is a great management tool.


Benefits to Employers

1) Tool to aid in budgeting for payroll expenses

Our program provides extensive records of wages for each and every employee in your company. It can also provide you with the right information to create an effective budget for payroll. All the information you need to budget is contained all in the same program.

2) No hassle in calling an IT Help Desk or customer support line.

You speak directly to Randy Shank, creator of the program, if a problem arises. It saves you from wasted time on hold with a software company or the hassle of navigating phone trees to speak to a human representative. Speaking directly to Randy saves you time and ultimately money so that you can put those resources towards the more important task of running your business.

3) Easy modification to different aspects of program to better benefit you, your employees, and your company.

While the program was initially created to simplify the process of keeping logs of time in and time out for employees, the ultimate goal for this software remains simple: to be used in a hundred different ways. If you find you need something extra from this program to benefit your company, Randy can create new features for you that meet those needs. He builds spreadsheet solutions in Excel because as many individuals already know how the software works.


Our Mission:

Most importantly, we at Shank and Company want this software to add value to your business and your life. For inquiries about how this software could add value to your business and meet your specific needs, please contact Randy Shank at sandccpa@gmail.com or call 513-442-1239.

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