Are you just starting your own business in the HVAC industry?

One of our specialities is taking new businessmen under our wing. We have several clients in the HVAC industry, but recently, we took one of our clients under our wing in the HVAC industry and saved him money. 

Before coming to us, he paid exorbitant amounts of FICA taxes for his business. At the cost of registering his business as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) with the Ohio Secretary of State, at no additional fees from us, we helped him create a LLC and then, for tax purposes, filed for S Corp status. He paid only the state required fees to the Ohio Secretary of State.

He went from paying exorbitant taxes to saving over $10,000 due to S Corp status. Now he only owes FICA taxes on the wages he pays himself, though it was nothing like before.

Saving that $10,000 each year changed his life and his business.

With thirty years of experience, Shank & Company, CPA, takes great pride in assisting businessmen and women who are in an in-house service industry in starting their businesses and saving them money. Our HVAC clients can then use the savings for other needs in their business and their life. This client was able to use the money saved to further his own business.

You do not have to be a HVAC business owner to take advantage of the tax savings that Shank & Company, CPA, can generate for your business. We usually save most business clients 3 to 4 times our fees.

If you are just starting out or you are an established business, you deserve to let us see if we can generate tax savings and accounting efficiencies for your company.

Contact us today at or 513-442-1239.

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