The Questions At Hand


It’s a question, even a statement, that we hear often when prospective first-time business owners sit across from us in the blue chairs in our office. It usually starts like this, “I work a full-time/part-time job. How can I do that and start a business, let alone run my business?”

It’s the same question I had when I wrestled with the idea of starting my own business. Two years before I joined Shank & Company, CPA, as the Marketing Director, I came to Randy with a family member to talk about starting my own business editing and proofreading court transcripts and documents.

My biggest worry was trying to juggle being a full-time student, working a main job, and running my own business on the side. My biggest worry was time. Sitting across the desk from Randy, he asked me the question that changed the way I thought about running my business: “What do you want to do? What do you want out of this business?”

At the time, I wanted supplemental income to a main job. I wanted some extra money to help me pay for college. I wanted extra money that I could save up for the future, money I could put towards graduate school, moving out, buying a new car.

Knowing why I wanted to start a business and what I wanted out of my new business helped me decide how much time to invest in it.


When You Don’t Know What You Want


What if you don’t know what you want out of your business? What if you don’t know how to start a business in the first place?

Don’t worry. I had these same questions too. So have other people that have come through our doors.

It’s the reason why I went to a CPA for help and guidance. Randy acted as a listening ear for me as well as a sounding board as to why I wanted to start my business. Randy helps many of our clients through the entire business process, from the first moment of conception to beginning the process of registering your business with the State and acquiring a federal ID number.

It sounds like a daunting task of dealing with the government, right?

When you come to Shank & Company, CPA, you won’t have to deal with the government on your own. Randy will speak to the government, whether it’s to the State or the IRS, on your behalf so that you don’t have to. We will help you tackle any issue that arises, whether it’s during the process of establishing your business or helping you determine what services we provide you need to help your business run smoothly.

Skip the daunting struggle of dealing with the government on your own. Avoid the headache of trying to navigate the process of starting your business alone. Shank & Company, CPA, will help you through all of that and any other things that arise so you don’t have to walk that road alone. For a consultation about your business idea, as well as for help in starting your business, call Randy Shank at 513-442-1239 or email us at

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