Has there ever really been a day in your life when you could say you have not been in school? To answer this question, we must first redefine “school.” I’m not talking about a little brick schoolhouse with a bell tower, nor am I talking about a three-story high school with locker-lined hallways and dismissal bells. Don’t get me wrong, these types of schools are great! After all, I went to college in order to become a teacher. However, for the purpose of this brief article, I want to look at “school” a little differently.

At the heart of it, what is school? Well, it is a place of learning. A place to make mistakes. A place for little victories. A place for big victories. A place where neurons connect, and brains are physically changed right in front of you. With this in mind, does “school” only take place from August to May, Monday through Friday, with occasional breaks? No! We learn every single day, in so many different ways.

We’ve been in the school of life since Day One. We learned how to properly use our lungs the day we were born. We learned how to walk about a year thereafter. And what happened when we learned to walk? We fell! A lot. It starts out as tummy time, progresses to crawling, then standing, and eventually we’re on the move. But we never could’ve gotten to that place if we didn’t make some mistakes on the way. If we didn’t try to stand up, only to fall promptly back on our cushioned, diaper-butts.

Though this example has to do with child development, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t apply to the accounting profession, or any profession for that matter. You must start at the beginning. Who you are on Day One is not who you’ll be on year 30.

Shank & Company, CPA has done a lot of maturing in the last 30+ years. We’ve helped our clients through four U.S. recessions, encouraged and guided clients through the steps of starting their own businesses, and saved our clients hundreds of dollars while we have been in business. Accounting isn’t just about money, taxes, or the IRS—it’s about the people we serve. We promise to be there with you during all stages of life—the metaphorical baby steps, all the way up to adulthood.

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