Back in September of this year, my family was invited to attend the Sneaker Ball Benefit, where all money raised from the auctions go toward the many needs of Champ Camp. Champ Camp is a camp for children with tracheostomies or those who require respiratory assistance, such as ventilators. My younger sister Hannah has a tracheostomy and has been a camper at Champ Camp for five years. This year, Hannah was asked to be the keynote speaker at the Silver Sneaker Ball Benefit and share how Champ Camp changed her life. 

Left to Right: Hannah Stoll, Jan Parr (grandmother), and myself (Bree Stoll)

Everyone has a reason for being involved in Champ Camp. Campers – like my sister, Hannah – attend to experience things that they’ve missed in life due to complex medical and health issues. Counselors volunteer their time to change lives and make a difference in the lives of their campers. Medical personnel volunteer their time to be sure campers can attend Champ Camp safely and meet all medical needs of the campers. Donors make a difference by funding Champ Camp each and every year.

Hannah giving her keynote speech.

Whatever someone’s reason for volunteering or attending Champ Camp, they often leave with their lives changed. They’ve found a second family, all because they were open to taking part in a new opportunity.

We advise all our clients, be it tax clients or business clients, to be open to new opportunities. To be unafraid of other benefits that come with a job opportunity or a new client for your business. 

So consider this your reminder – Don’t miss out on the other things you can gain from a new opportunity aside from more income. Be open to more than success.

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