We all have stories of when we met people who became important in our lives: how we met our best friend, how we met our spouse, how we met our mentor. We all have stories of times in our lives that were good, times where we were at a low point, and times where we existed somewhere in the middle: the story about your wedding; the story of how you lost your parent, spouse, sibling, friend; the story of a fight  with cancer; the story of a job loss … the list goes on. 


It can be hard to tell a story about yourself or even your business because telling stories about yourself, stories that show people your strengths and your talents, sometimes feels like bragging or arrogance. It can be hard to tell others the story of how particular moments shaped you into who you are now — especially if you’re sitting in an office, a conference room, a restaurant, full of strangers or fellow businessmen and women. 


But what about that moment when you tell your story and someone pulls you aside later to say, “I’ve been through something like that too”? When someone recognizes that they’ve felt the same way you did and that they aren’t the only one?


That is the power in stories and why we need to fight against the idea that is prideful, boasting, to share the stories about ourselves how we navigated through the best and worst moments in our lives. 


Common threads remind us that we are human and that we all have more in common than we think. They bring us together because we realize we get nowhere in life or in business unless we help each other.


It is a reminder that we need each other, always. 




I challenge you to tell your story. I challenge you to listen closely to the stories that other people tell and to find the threads that speak to you and your business. 

If you are struggling to write your own story and the story of your business, we are here to help you put pen to paper. We would be honored to assist you in filing the paperwork needed to start your business, to file your taxes, to offer you our advisory services. We would be honored to hear your story and to tell you ours in return. 

We would be honored to find out how we can help each other. Contact us at sandccpa@gmail.com or message us on Facebook today at @ShankandCoCPA. 

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