School: Sophomore at Miami University — Hamilton Regional Campus

Major: Psychological Science

Parents: Don and Jennie Stoll

Age: 20

Career Aspirations:

Her passion is advocating for people with developmental and physical disabilities. She is also interested in developmental and clinical psychology.


She voraciously yearns to move to Nashville. The truth lies not in the city: she wants a place to call home. She seeks future employment at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, working as part of their staff.


Currently, she works at Performance Honda as a cashier in their service department. She takes hard won money now spent on a car. She scouts the parking lot for their just repaired cars, found with the marvelous aid of the panic button. She spends the last hour of her evenings balancing the books for the day. Her core responsibility, however, is simple: efficiency.

Unofficially, she hunts down extra Band-Aids for the papercut that incessantly bleeds. She carries fresh coffee to a customer in a shoulder sling. She laughs with customers’ children. She rejoices in customers’ successes. She collects stories told across the counter and keeps them confidential. She must be kind. She must love every person who approaches her counter for one reason only: her words might be the last they hear. And if it is the last, then it must be kind. Always.

This is the making of her heart and soul: love, honesty, melody, and words.

She is quiet, steadfast love. She lives in the spaces between words on a page, the silences in song. Her editing business, Elite Editing, LLC, hinges on three principles: words, honesty, and love. She searches for the dreams buried inside every grammatical and punctuation error. She polishes written word so it stands alone, proud and gleaming. Above all, she wants her clients to understand the power of written language, to speak with care, to communicate with love and honesty.

She is melody. It carries her heart in its tide. It cracks her soul wide open. Here she finds herself. Here she finds truth. Here she finds the voice of a God who loves every facet of the soul He created. Here she is known. Here is the truth of her, and it is enough.

She is a writer. She lays her heart on a page, line by line, for those who need to hear they are not alone in their triumphs, their fears, their turmoil. She speaks truth out of love.

She hopes, above all else, that her words point to a Savior who loves far greater and selflessly than she.

Here, then, is her heart laid bare: love, honesty, melody, and words.

Shake her hand. Be ready for a hug. Say “Hello.”

This is Bree.

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