Over the years we have heard many reasons for why people open businesses. Many books have been written on the subject too.

We thought it was an exhaustive list. Perhaps, even an all-inclusive list. I’m sure every reason known to man has been listed somewhere.

However, these probably will shed new light on the topic.

1. Meet accountants

We believe many people start  businesses so they can meet accountants. If you aren’t blessed to have a CPA in the family, this is easier than actually marrying an accountant.

This is not as far-fetched as it sounds. Most CPA’s are witty and urbane. We make fine traveling companions and are easily house trained.

We not only know all the loop holes, but some of us know all the watering holes, too!

2. Engaging conversations with your accountant

Having a CPA for a friend means that if you invite him to a party, you are never the most boring person there.

Having a CPA at your beck and call, you can always ask them questions about almost anything regarding taxes, debits and credits, and financial statements. Think how this will lead to all sorts of stimulating conversations.

Most business people ask questions of their CPA that only he or she can answer (and talk about for hours at a high billable rate).

We hope that these additions, to what was previously thought of as a complete list of reasons that people open businesses, has been educational. If you are a businessman and purchased this advice, it is tax deductible.

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