This is a blog from a businessman to other businessmen and women.

As a businessman and former college instructor who has mentored many young men and women, I would encourage you to mentor some college student.

Mentoring is about being a role model and giving opportunities to younger people who would not otherwise have these opportunities.

Mentoring is very much like being a good friend. Most college students and recent graduates want you to concur with their judgement as opposed to telling them what you actually think, even if you disagree with them. Being open and frank is what a good friend would do, and it’s what a good mentor should do. Speaking honestly and frankly is the most effective way to communicate in a mentoring relationship.

Why would we encourage you to mentor? It’s simple.

Why would you want to go into retirement or the grave with this knowledge without sharing it?

Who will run your business, or this country for that matter, if we don’t mentor? The experience you bring to the table needs to add to the accumulated knowledge of the mentee. Those who do not learn from past mistakes are doomed to repeat them. We should not be making the same mistakes. The younger generation will be leading our companies, and ultimately our country. Helping them understand the process of decision making is pivotal to the success of, not only your business, but America.

Currently, I am mentoring a psychology major. I have mentored a couple psychology majors, teachers, computer programmers, and yes, even accountants. What I’ve taught them is business techniques, ethics, and honesty.

You can, and should, mentor people who are not in your profession. I have done it successfully. What I’ve learned is that each one of them has their own dreams and strengths. Mentoring outside my chosen profession has given me new insights into other professions. The similarities outnumber the disparate areas. We all have legal and professional guidelines, though they are all different. I believe that has helped me to understand other people’s problems better.

Mentor the young; invest in our future.


Have you ever mentored someone? Have you ever thought about mentoring someone, but don’t know where to start?

Please write and share your questions or your experience with mentoring!

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